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Intrastat is a system of data collection for the purpose of trade statistics among the member states of the European Union – the so called intra-Community trade. The data enable to make a statistics of the foreign trade of the Czech Republic for the purposes of entrepreneurs, EU-authorities and other authorities and organisations in the Czech Republic. Every entrepreneur has the duty to send his/her data to the Intrastat system whose intra-Community deliveries exceed the limit of 15,000,000.00 CZK in a calendar year, for goods acceptance and goods dispatch separately. 

We are offering: monthly statements for your firm (reporting unit), contact with customs authorities, confidential handling of your data about your intra-Community trade, freeing your employees from these tasks – you spare human resources in this field of activity customs classification by trained staff in accordance with the valid legislation, know-how in delivery conditions, transaction types and other fields necessary to treat.

To avoid trouble and disputes with authorities and take advantage of our offer as a specialist in the field of INTRASTAT statements under convenient and acceptable conditions. 
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