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The expert for customs service


Customs services in CZ

Drawing documents (T1, T2, SAD, Export Accompanying Document, Summary Declaration) and goods clearance in transit, import and export, customs procedures with specific impact (inward processing, outward processing, temporary admission, customs warehousing).
Drawing and dealing with certificates of goods origin (EUR.1, A.TR), TIR carnets (printed or electronic) and transport documents (CMR).
Customs debt guarantee in all operation types.
Use of simplified procedures for all customs procedures and of Centralised Customs Clearance (CCC – goods clearance in a customs procedure in other Customs Office than the one where the goods are presented).

Writing applications for simplified procedures in exports, imports and common transits – approved consignor and consignee, customs warehousing and approved exporter according to the conditions of firms, based on an order and a quotation.
Representation of firms in customs ans administrative procedures before Customs Offices (solving more complicated problems, filing legal remedies against decisions of customs authorities in all instances, finishing and settling unconfirmed goods deliveries in T1, T2 and Export Accompanying Documents.
Optimizing – conditions of goods import and export outside the EU, proposal how to classify the goods in the TARIC Integrated Tariff of the European Communities. 
We offer our clients customs consultancy and training activities focusing on specific issues or general customs procedures.

We provide customs services either in our offices, or directly in clients’ premises in the form of outsourcing. Customs clearance is done by our employees, either with their continuous presence in the seat of the company, or a person is continuously at disposal in our office.
The system of cooperation is “made-to-measure” for the individual client.
An advantage is that transferring some employees to the operator you transfer the cost for them to the item of purchased services in your sheets. Other advantages are surely that doing this you also transfer the responsibility for the service and its performance on the operator and you lower the amount of your paper work. Practically it means reducing customer’s cost significantly (human resources, special customs software, vocational training, customs guarantees etc.) and providing services continuously also in the time of holidays or when the person in charge is ill.
Absolute neutrality and discretion are a matter of course.